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Secrets & Scandals in Regency Britain

This history of the Regency period’s hidden stories reveals the human drama behind the elegant exteriors.

This book takes an entertaining and enlightening peek at the secrets and scandals of the Regency in Britain, a period in which the heir to the throne was making merry with his mistress whilst his ailing father, King George III, attempted to keep a grip on both his crown and his finances. From Princess Caraboo to the Peterloo Massacre, the Regency was a period of immense upheaval in both personal and public lives as well as in politics. The author reveals how the advent of the modern media brought “spin” to scandal, and focuses on stories of those people and events that encapsulated the age. Along the way, we gain a much more detailed picture of this brief, fascinating moment in history, and the human flaws and passions behind the façades of corsets and cravats.

Praise for Violet Fenn’s Sex and Sexuality in Victorian Britain

“Excellent.” —UK Historian

Violet Fenn

VIOLET FENN has always been fascinated by human behaviour. She specialises in frank and straightforward investigations into the wilder areas of sexual practices and the changing cultural attitudes towards sex and mortality. She was once turned down for a job at an undertaker’s for being ‘too interested in death’. She lives in Shropshire with her children, a menagerie of pets and endless beautiful but pointless clutter. She firmly believes that black is the happiest colour and that there is no such thing as too much red lipstick. To find out more, visit

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