This image is the cover for the book Double-Dare O'Toole

Double-Dare O'Toole

Fex can’t resist a double dare—even if it means double trouble

Eleven-year-old Fex O’Toole can’t say no to a double dare—even when it means trouble with his friends and the principal.

But when the same kids who like to test Fex dare a four-year-old to jump into a river, Fex realizes the cost of not being able to say no.

Constance C. Greene

Constance C. Greene was the author of over twenty highly successful children’s and young adult novels, including the ALA Notable Book A Girl Called Al, Al(exandra) the Great, Getting Nowhere, and Beat the Turtle Drum, which is an ALA Notable Book, an IRA-CBC Children’s Choice, and the basis for the Emmy Award–winning after-school special Very Good Friends.

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