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Accidental Salesperson

Sales may have chosen you--and you’ve suddenly found yourself in a profession you’re not fully prepared for. Learn how to navigate your career effectively with this invaluable resource.

Sales training expert and author Chris Lytle offers advice and inspiration new salespeople might have missed when they skipped the career-planning stage--and provides the tools you need to fast-track your sales success.

Filled with money-generating strategies, humorous yet instructive anecdotes, thought-provoking axioms, and powerful tools, The Accidental Salesperson includes guidance on:

selling to people who don't have time to meet,differentiating between information seekers and genuine prospects,using social media and other online tools,and building relationships competitors can't steal.

Lively, entertaining, and mercifully free of the dull theories, manipulative methods, and high-pressure tactics of most sales books--the fully updated second edition of The Accidental Salesperson guides you through every aspect of selling to customers in today’s marketplace.

Chris Lytle

CHRIS LYTLE is the president of Sparque, Inc. An acclaimed leader in sales training, he has conducted more than 2,100 seminars worldwide. He is the author of The Accidental Sales Manager.

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