This image is the cover for the book The Collector's Dream Vol. 1

The Collector's Dream Vol. 1

Embark on this soulful journey with Donaldson’s collector's dream to bless your being with his beautifully written poetry allow yourself to experience his divine expressions, genuine emotions, love for humanity and, his fascinating way of rhyming his observations, knowledge, and spiritual wisdom Embark on this magnificent journey Of deep understanding and salvation Through gratitude, warmth, affection, loyalty, and positivity Embark on this reviving journey for each poem is a treasure each poem will warm your heart each poem will teach you a lesson or you will receive a positive thought that will set you eternally free. – Leorah Mcnemir-Rohoman

Lennox Donaldson

Born in Tobago, Lennox Andre Wayne Donaldson grew up in a small village in Les-Coteaux. At an early age, Lennox was embedded into gardening, at both Ricket Well and Silly Cotton, as farming was a part of the community’s way of life. At the age of 9, his father Joseph Lennox Donaldson encouraged reading, every Sunday. By the age of 13, he developed a strong interest in reading, which then inspired him to have the urge to write poetry. Fun fact, Arthur Gray, Lennox Donaldson’s first cousin, was spending time at his aunt’s home in Les-Coteaux during the holidays, and out of curiosity, Lennox asked Arthur, “How do you talk to girls?” To which, Arthur responded, “Experience is something that doesn’t come in the mail, you have to go and gain it yourself.” Lennox was puzzled and disappointed because he thought his older cousin was going to give him insight on how to speak to girls. In turn, Lennox concluded that he should write his first poem ‘Compassion’.

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