This image is the cover for the book Haunted Monticello, Florida, Haunted America

Haunted Monticello, Florida, Haunted America

Discover the paranormal past of this panhandle town . . . Photos included!

Monticello might sometimes seem like a quiet Florida panhandle town, but its history tells of a ghostly past stretching back to the early nineteenth century. Discover the stories behind the old blacksmith’s forge on Jefferson Street—where the chilling sounds of metal striking metal still ring out across the town—and the Hanging Tree, forever haunted by the ghosts of executed outlaws and lost Confederate soldiers.

The Monticello Historical district contains over forty buildings dating back to the nineteenth century, and it is said that one out of every three buildings are haunted. Join local haunted tour guide Betty Davis and Big Bend Ghost Trackers as they reveal the amazing history of Monticello’s spookiest spots.

Betty Davis,

The Big Bend Ghost Trackers team was founded in 2000 and is north Florida’s premier professional paranormal group. As paranormal researchers and investigators, they conduct research to find locations that are experiencing paranormal activity and study those locations in a scientific and professional manner. Using the latest electronic tools and other modern detection equipment, along with psychic investigators, they have successfully conducted more than 125 investigations. They have been featured on all of the major television networks and in numerous print publications. Big Bend Ghost Trackers created, owns and operates Historic Monticello Ghost Tours.
Betty Davis works professionally in the field of social services and is a passionate paranormal investigator—the driving force behind Big Bend Ghost Trackers and Historic Monticello Ghost Tours. She enjoys creative writing of nonfiction and historical literature. Having a strong interest in history and historic places, she finds them mysterious and intriguing. She knows that they hold secrets to the past and have defined our future. Experiencing a ghostly encounter while visiting a historic landmark is what first brought her on her journey into paranormal research and investigating the unknown.

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