This image is the cover for the book Lord of the World, Volume 3

Lord of the World, Volume 3

"A few hundred years ago, there was a group of humans who were known as' Force Awakened ones'. They have the unimaginable power of ordinary humans and the ability to rule the world. However … Awakened ones are not united and in the end, they are separated into two factions. The group was called the Yang Awakened ones, also known as the Sky Sun Clan. The other faction was the Yin Awakened ones, also known as the Earth Yin Tribe. A hundred years ago, the Sky Sun and Earth Yin Tribes finally had an unprecedented, decisive battle. In the end, the Sky Sun Clan won, and the Earth Yin Tribe was completely wiped out. The world was eventually ruled by the Heavenly Sun tribe, who began to call themselves the Heavenly God race. After the war between Yin and Yang, the Earth Yin Tribe was demoted to the "Earth Devil Race" by the God of Heaven. Although the Earth demons had been killed and wounded in the great battle, the clan's most precious treasure, the "Earth Yin Saint (Demon) Codex", had been left behind and had set off a wave of bloodshed.

Ke Dong, Babel Novel