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No Argument for God

Religion is irrational! New atheists trumpet the claim loudly, so much so that it's become a sort of conventional wisdom. Professing your faith in God sounds increasingly like a confession of intellectual feebleness. Belief in God sounds as cute and quaint as it does pointless. John Wilkinson contends that the irrationality of faith is its greatest asset, because rationalism itself sets artificial limits on all that we've seen—which itself is hinting at something greater that can't be seen. InNo Argument for God he turns the tables on the cult of reason, showing that it limits conversation to what happened, when what we really want is the why behind it. We settle for investigation when what we need is revelation—the answer to all our longings. Read this book and break though the gridlock of apologetic arguments to a life-giving encounter with the God who satisfies our minds and seeks our good.

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson completed his undergraduate studies at Penn State University, then went on to earn a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and completed a doctorate in youth and family ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. Wilkinson currently serves as high-school pastor at Lives Changed by Christ Church (LCBC) in Manheim, Pennsylvania. He came to LCBC after serving as the senior high pastor at High Point Church in Madison, Wisconsin. In that role he led a large youth group and a strong team of volunteers. At LCBC he is developing a culture of ministry that fosters meaningful connections between teens and adults and engages senior high students in the adult church community. On his time off he enjoys puttering around in his garage workshop, taking bike rides with his family and learning the newest technological gadget on the market.

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