This image is the cover for the book Kiwi Contract, The Joe Gall Mysteries

Kiwi Contract, The Joe Gall Mysteries

An agent poses as a rich playboy—and winds up with a target on his back—in this thriller by the Edgar Award–nominated author.

Oil baron Mike Donoghue is on a top-secret assignment for the US government. To protect the mission, someone needs to pose as a decoy—and that’s where freelance agent Joe Gall comes in.

Now, Gall must trade places with a man known for his wealthy, high-flying lifestyle and his love of drink and beautiful women. It’s a role the operative doesn’t mind stepping into—the only problem is someone wants the real Donoghue dead . . .

“[Philip Atlee is] the John D. MacDonald of espionage fiction.” —Larry McMurtry, The New York Times

“I admire Philip Atlee’s writing tremendously.” —Raymond Chandler

Philip Atlee

Philip Atlee (1915–1991) was the creator of the long-running Joe Gall Mysteries, which is comprised of twenty-two novels published in the 1960s and 70s. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Atlee wrote several novels and screenplays—including Thunder Road starring Robert Mitchum, and Big Jim McLain starring John Wayne—before producing the series for which he is known. An avid flyer, he was a member of the Flying Tigers before World War II and joined the Marines after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Road Media