This image is the cover for the book The Handbook of Business Essentials - Middle East Edition

The Handbook of Business Essentials - Middle East Edition

The demands of today's fast-paced world have made it increasingly challenging for educators in higher education. Conventional teaching materials are continuously proving outdated due to their inflexibility and lack of consideration for diverse classrooms. Educators have struggled to find concise yet thorough, matter-of-fact content for teaching purposes. The solution is usually a scattershot collection of information from various sources—a particular difficulty for students whose English is a second language. Due to language barriers, innuendo, and lingo, these students can struggle with varying methods of information representation, ultimately finding it difficult to adjust to the expected pace of study. Within this challenge lies an opportunity to consolidate individual research, experience, and efforts to unify course materials better suited to the aforementioned audience. Therefore, The Handbook of Business Essentials - Middle East Edition provides a comprehensive look at the latest management theories and business strategies in a concise yet thorough, easy-to-read context particularly adjusted for non-native English speakers. It also caters to the target student audience by providing real-world examples from the Middle East, which they can better understand and relate to. The book includes a full Arabic translation, as well as a glossary of translated terminology.

Randa Diab Bahman, Abrar Al Enzi & Bekir Emre Kurtulmus

Austin Macauley Publishers