This image is the cover for the book Twelve Dates of Christmas

Twelve Dates of Christmas

Lance is an American student in London, left alone in his dorm over the Christmas holidays. He’s twenty, he’s gay, he’s shy, and he’s determined to once and for all find a boyfriend, so he sets up twelve dates to accomplish his goal. Twelve dates to defeat his shyness, to get out into the world, and to finally beat his loneliness.

It turns out he’s not the only one spending Christmas alone that year. Tom is a handsome, cold-eyed, tight-lipped Polish boy who is also staying in the dorm over the holidays. Lance finds Tom intimidating, but stuck as they are together, they get to know each other better. Soon, the twelve dates with strangers turn into twelve days of pining over a surprisingly kind boy, whose unconventional approach to wooing might be the very thing Lance needs to overcome his shyness and land a boyfriend.

Marina Ford