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SuperHawks Quartet, Superhawks

In a post-9/11 world, an ultra-secret team of military specialists fights back, in four novels from the bestselling author of the Wingman series.

Assembled by a mysterious superspy and operating without the political or bureaucratic oversight that can hamstring even the bravest fighting forces, the Superhawks are America’s ruthless answer to 9/11. An ultra-elite force operating on the edges, they are the world’s best sharpshooters, spies, demolition men, pilots, brawlers, and soldiers—and they all have a personal motive for revenge.

In Strike Force Alpha, the Superhawks’ mission is to kill Osama bin Laden. Hidden aboard the Ocean Voyager, this elite unit of assault troops carries out brazen, daring raids all over the Persian Gulf as it seeks its number one target: al-Qaeda’s master mission planner.

Strike Force Bravo begins with the Superhawks taking on a terrorist cell that’s captured Singapore’s Tonka Tower Hotel. But al-Qaeda is hatching a new plot involving Stinger missiles. Can the Superhawks stop it in time? Or will the American military bureaucracy trip itself up before they even have a chance?

In Strike Force Charlie, dozens of al-Qaeda terrorists preparing to unleash attacks from the heart of America sneak into the United States under paper-thin disguises. The Superhawks team up with a group of civilians to protect the country, save thousands of lives, and purge the government of high-level traitors..

And in Strike Force Delta, a supersquad from America’s premier special ops unit, Delta Force, comes under attack in West Africa. Though they take out over fifty terrorists, the secret Delta Thunder team is captured. It’s up to the Superhawks to invade the radicals’ fortress, save the unit’s men, and flatline the “crown prince” of terrorism before he can execute the hostages on live TV.

Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney is the author of numerous fiction series, including Wingman, ChopperOps, Starhawk, and Pirate Hunters, as well as UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You to Know. A native Bostonian, Maloney received a bachelor of science degree in journalism at Suffolk University and a master of arts degree in film at Emerson College. He is the host of a national radio show, Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files.     

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