This image is the cover for the book Along Ohio's Historic Route 20, Postcard History Series

Along Ohio's Historic Route 20, Postcard History Series

Route 20 was named a federal highway in 1926, and for the first half of the 20th century it was the most important east-west road across northern Ohio. Extending from the Pennsylvania border east of Conneaut to its western terminus with Indiana, it made Ohio the connecting link between Northeastern and Midwestern states. Fortunately, Route 20 has remained virtually intact and can be traveled much as people did in years past. Postcard History Series: Along Ohio�s Historic Route 20 celebrates such a trip, illustrated by more than 200 vintage postcards depicting views along the way. Town and city scenes, rural vistas, and historic sites that drew early motorists to the highway are featured. Not to be forgotten are the tourist courts, hotels, diners, and gas stations that made automobile journeys possible.

Michael J. Till

Michael J. Till is a retired university professor. He grew up on Route 20 and has had a lifelong interest in the road. All illustrations are from his personal collection of more than 2,500 vintage Route 20 postcards.

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