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When Camp Onanda Gives Her Call

In 1883, eleven Rochester women formed the Young Women's Association, and in 1919 they purchased Camp Onanda to provide an escape for young factory girls. The YWCA carried on that mission into the 1980s so that girls from all walks of life could experience the joys of camp. Over the decades, girls enjoyed summer activities like archery and sailing, drinking "bug juice" around the campfire and swimming lessons. They came from all over to experience the great outdoors, free from the economic hardships and social challenges of city life. In the spirit of that tradition, Onanda is now a beloved public park. Former Onanda counselor Carol Truesdale tells the story of Camp Onanda and of the many lives this camp changed.

Carol Truesdale, Ray Henry

For well over two decades Carol Truesdale enjoyed summers with her family on the east side Canandaigua Lake. For three summers in the late 1960s she worked as a waterfront counselor at YWCA Camp Onanda. A lifetime resident of New York State, SUNY Geneseo graduate and retired teacher, Carol pursues her interests in history, music and photography. She is a member of the Ontario County Historical Society, ASCAP and recently has won recognition for her photography.

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