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Spirit Allies

Learn to contact the spirit realm and communicate with your own spirit guides, ancestors, power animals, and more with this guide to spiritual exploration.

From ancient Egyptians to modern-day witches, King Solomon to Native American shamans, individuals throughout history have possessed the power to work with the spirit world. While it may seem like these abilities are reserved for a “chosen” few, the truth is that everyone has friends beyond the veil. As author Christopher Penczak explains, “A spirit ally is a being in the unseen realms who, for whatever reason, decides to aid, befriend, protect, or teach us while we live our own Earthwalk.”

In Spirit Allies, Penczak dispels the mystery and fear surrounding these spiritual entities. With compelling personal anecdotes and straightforward techniques—such as relaxation, automatic writing, and oracle interpretation—he opens up the path for readers to contact their own guides.

Through thirty simple exercises, Spirit Allies helps readers find their Power Animal, dream journey, speak with devas, communicate with ancestors and ascended masters, meet their personal spirit allies, and much more.

Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak is a modern Witch, teacher, and healer. He is the author of the acclaimed Inner Temple of Witchcraft series,

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