This image is the cover for the book Rough Sleepers

Rough Sleepers

Leon, drag performer and club owner, is attacked by a werewolf one night and loses an arm -- and more, after massacring his club guests. Now homeless and tormented by nightmares, he runs away from everything he knows.

Eventually he meets Ceri, who invites Leon to live with him above a shop owned by a woman who lost her husband and son to a werewolf attack. She and Ceri are still hunting the unknown perpetrator, and Leon gladly lends his own assistance, eager to atone for his bloody past in the hopes he might one day be able to have a home and family again.

Nem Rowan

Nem Rowan comes from the UK, but lives in Sweden with his wife and their girlfriend. He loves reading non-fiction and is fascinated by true crime and unsolved mysteries, especially missing persons cases and serial killers. Nem is also well-read in mythology and folk tales, particularly British and European folklore. He is a huge fan of horror movies and retrowave music.

Nem started writing when he was eleven years old and since then, he’s never looked back. Romance has always been his favourite genre after inheriting a box of Mills & Boon novels from his grandma, but being a horror fan, there is always some way for him to work in a bit of that to make sure things don’t get too mushy.