This image is the cover for the book Endless Spoil For His Wife, Volume 3

Endless Spoil For His Wife, Volume 3

She was a peasant girl from the 60th, and he was a military lord from the 50th. Her grandfather and his comrades were drunk and had a baby engagement. At eighteen, she was forced to graduate from high school and marry him. From then on, she was mocked by her classmates for marrying at such a young age. She married an old man for money. Laugh at her … So she hated him. Not only did she hate him, but she also hated her grandfather and her grandfather, drinking and betrothing, and hated her parents for not stopping the marriage. She lived in resentment. A fire had nearly destroyed her, and he had lost his life to save her. Watching him disappear in the fire, her heart broke. She cried out in pain, but she could no longer cry back to his comfort. Only then did she know that she had already fallen in love with him, but … An accident happened, and she was reborn. In this life, she vowed to renew her destiny with him and join the collection …

Gong QingYa, Lemon Novel