This image is the cover for the book When Humpty Asked For Help

When Humpty Asked For Help

Humpty’s feelings are weighing him down, and the weight is becoming too heavy a burden for him to carry alone. Are his worries a true reflection of his life and friendships? Or is his mind playing tricks on him? Watch what happens as Humpty learns the tremendous value one simple step can have – asking for help when we need it the most.

Desnà O'Neill, Anna Johnston

Desnà is a civil servant mum of three who lives in a small town in Northern Ireland. Her previously published work includes the much-loved children’s tale Little Mouse’s Big Ambition.  Along with her young family, Desnà has a great love for all things outdoors, and outside of writing can often be found exploring her way around the island on which she lives.

Austin Macauley Publishers