This image is the cover for the book CEO's Intern Taoist Mster, Volume 2

CEO's Intern Taoist Mster, Volume 2

Dugu Haoyan was the CEO of the Xin Sen Kai Group. As the eldest son of the Dugu Family, he had been extremely smart since he was young. He had a Ph.D. in business from a famous university, and he insisted on being an atheist.

Dao Miao was a novice Heavenly Jewel Master who had just been abandoned by his Master. After descending the mountain, his first mission was to find his savior, but this savior's fate was so strange!

Was the CEO asking the Little Heavenly Master to be an atheist, or was the Little Heavenly Master asking the CEO to be a savior?

Chu WenJiangHu, Lemon Novel