This image is the cover for the book The Human Mind

The Human Mind

Delve into a transformative read that offers more than just words: it offers a path to understanding. This book provides invaluable guidance on achieving health and longevity while also exploring the deep-seated roots of our environmental dilemmas. Venture on a journey of self-discovery and grasp a more profound understanding of your essence. Beyond the personal, uncover the core reasons behind humanity's persistent divisions and the recurring battles they incite. A must-read, this work is a compass for anyone seeking clarity in our complex world.

F. Willard Brown

F. Willard Brown graduated from Cal Poly and the University of Illinois and did additional graduate work at UC Berkeley. He is an author, speaker, educator, and population activist who has worked with International Planned Parenthood, the Population Institute, and the Population Media Center. He has taught at Cal Poly, Palomar College, and UC San Diego.

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