This image is the cover for the book Delicate Baby: CEO Comes to Me, Volume 1

Delicate Baby: CEO Comes to Me, Volume 1

Bai Qing was forced to marry by her father to the youngest CEO of Youcheng. In the end, her family was destroyed, and she was displaced … The man she had been waiting for for fifteen years suddenly revived, dismissing her as a second-hand wife.

The weirdness of fate made Bai Qingqing grow more valiant. When Hua Li returned, he was the winner of one of the ceremonies. "I didn't expect a second-hand talent like you would be able to perform so well," he said.

"Huo Zixian, are we familiar with each other?" She pretended to be calm, but he mercilessly exposed her. "We slept together. Is it considered very familiar?"

The audience went into an uproar …

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