This image is the cover for the book Enigmas Fragments

Enigmas Fragments

Books are written to find a self space. That is why I am offering you a shelter. Poems that enhance your Spirit, lift you up and give you light and Love. Take them by heart and use them as a helping Hand. My Poems should be used as a source to rejuvenate your Spirit and especially Spread Love. Love is Light. God is Love. The source and the beginning and the end.

Blinera Nikqi

Blinera Nikqi was born in Kosovo, Peje. She came as a refugee in 1995, at the age of 3, to Germany, accompanied by her mother and brother. She grew up in Stuttgart, where she also went to school. Elementary as well as high school. She is fluent in Albanian, English, and German. Beginning at age 21, she travelled to New York twice, where she stayed for a couple of months. She is very self-aware and regards herself as having a “Diamond Mind.”

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