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Mississippi Civil War Monuments

“From Vicksburg to Oxford, readers will find a rich examination of how and why Confederate and Union monuments sprang up across the state.” —Caroline E. Janney, Director, John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History, University of Virginia

Soaring obelisks, graceful arches, and soldiers standing tall atop pedestals recall the memory of the Civil War in Mississippi, a former Confederate state that boasts more Civil War monuments than any other.In Mississippi Civil War Monuments: An Illustrated Field Guide, Timothy S. Sedore combs through the Mississippi landscape, exploring monuments commemorating important military figures and battles and remembering common soldiers, from rugged veterans to mournful youths.

Sedore’s insightful commentary captures a character portrait of Mississippi, a state that was ensnared between Northern and Southern ideologies and that paid a high price for seceding from the Union. Sedore’s close examinations of these monuments broadens the narrative of Mississippi’s heritage and helps illuminate the impacts of the Civil War.

With intriguing details and vivid descriptions, Mississippi Civil War Monuments offers a comprehensive guide to the monuments that make up Mississippi’s physical and historical landscape.

Timothy S. Sedore

Timothy S. Sedore is the author of three books that explore how the Civil War is memorialized in the American South. Mississippi Civil War Monuments joins Tennessee Civil War Monuments and An Illustrated Guide to Virginia's Confederate Monuments as a survey and analysis of the legacy of the war on the American landscape.

Sedore is Professor of English at The City University of New York, Bronx Community College. He regularly teaches undergraduate courses in composition, literature, and religious rhetoric. He is also an ordained Baptist minister.

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