This image is the cover for the book 'Sconset, Images of America

'Sconset, Images of America

'Sconset, the popularized version of its official name Siasconset, prides itself on preserving the charm and rich, historical character of the quaint, little village in the southeastern corner of Nantucket Island. Acclaimed as one of America's first summer vacation retreats, 'Sconset is cherished for its rose-covered cottages, lush hydrangeas, quiet paths and lanes, three miles of soft-sand beach, its iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse, and a host of seasonal amenities. Siasconset is a Wampanoag Algonquian word meaning "place of great bones." Seven miles from bustling Nantucket town, 'Sconset was a remote fishing station of the Wampanoag when they first met with Europeans in 1659. Today, 'Sconseters embrace a strong sense of community with more than 2,000 summer residents but only about 200 hardy souls living there year-round.

Rob Benchley, Richard Trust

Not a 'Sconseter by birth, but perhaps by nature, Rob Benchley continues his family legacy in the village by being a member of the 'Sconset Fire Department, the Siasconset Civic Association, the 'Sconset Trust, and the 'Sconset Water Department and has been a photographer and writer for four Nantucket publications since 1983. Photographs in this volume were largely made available courtesy of the Nantucket Historical Association. Richard Trust is a career journalist who resides on Massachusetts's South Shore, but for the last two decades, he has spent portions of his summers in 'Sconset. He considers the village as much his home as that on the mainland.

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