This image is the cover for the book Chess with a Dragon

Chess with a Dragon

From the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author of The Martian Child: “This playful, intricate game of survival . . . is one of Gerrold’s best books.” —Publishers Weekly

The human race has been played for a fool. Though welcomed into the galactic community and given access to the combined knowledge of thousands of intelligent species, humans are largely regarded as an evolutionary mistake. Reptilian, insectoid, and other unclassifiable species are the dominant forms of intelligence. If it hadn’t been for that annoying comet, the dinosaurs would have continued their evolutionary journey to sentience. Instead the ridiculous mammalians survived. And they want to be treated as equals.

Now the humans find out that the Galactic Encyclopedia has a user fee—and they are overdrawn! If the debt can’t be paid, humanity will be sold as slaves . . . or food. Asst. Liaison Officer Yake Singh Browne feels personally betrayed. He comes up with a strategy: If humanity can’t win playing by the rules of the game, he’ll just have to change the rules.

Game on!

“Taut and well-constructed, providing a convincing glimpse of alien biology and psychology . . . A good yarn.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Gerrold has written a fine but demanding science-fiction novel . . . Those with perseverance will enjoy the story’s campy humor and unexpected plot twists.” —School Library Journal

David Gerrold

David Gerrold is the author of the Hugo and Nebula award–nominated The Man Who Folded Himself and When Harlie Was One, books that quickly established him in the hard science fiction genre during the 1970s. He also wrote “The Trouble with Tribbles,” voted the most popular Star Trek episode of all time, and is the author of the popular Star Wolf, Dingillian, and Chtorr series. He lives in Northridge, California.