This image is the cover for the book Porch


Generations of family life and childhood fantasy intertwine on the front porch of an old house in this historical novel of mystery and memorabilia.

Mike’s house has been in the family since it was built by his great-great grandfather Archibald in 1895. Its rich history is put on display every year on the Fourth of July, when the family memorabilia is laid out for their annual reunion. Each event is a time to add new items and remember times gone by. And for children, it’s time to play pretend out on the big front porch.

Over the years, generations of children have imagined their futures on that porch. Sara pretends to nurse her Spanish-American war soldiers; Matt “flies” his Tinker Toy plane to Antarctica; and Jake loses himself in reading to escape the confines of his wheelchair. Then, using Jake’s ramp, Mike “surfs” around the world; Barry plots the football formations that will change his life; and Natalie consoles her young doll-patients.

These children all enjoy the porch and the memorabilia stored in the treasure chests beneath it. But one very special treasure, a Japanese Puzzle Box, holds a mystery. And when it’s finally opened, young and old alike will marvel at what it reveals . . .

Merrilee Franklin

Merrilee Franklin lives in Garland, Texas, with her husband Mike. They have two married children and four grandchildren. As a retired fifth grade teacher, she enjoys writing for children about the way that lives entwine together like a puzzle.