This image is the cover for the book Within You, Without You

Within You, Without You

Phil Jackson has had a lifelong passion for music and in his book Within You, Without You examines the post-war years to the year of the ‘summer of love’, 1967, from the perspective of a listener, a writer and collector, drawing on a variety of sources and his own personal experiences to provide an extensive, analytical and engaging account of a seminal period in the history of popular culture and music. His book is unique in examining the mystery and magic of the music that emerged in the ’60s within its historical context with particular reference to the impact and influence of The Beatles whose ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ was a ‘high water mark’ in the development of pop and rock music and culture. A multiplicity of musical artists across various genres are discussed in a multi-faceted approach that includes a comprehensive reference guide with recommendations for fans, collectors and newcomers alike.

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson’s professional background is of a teacher and dyslexia tutor. He has had a lifelong passion for music (listening, playing and reviewing) and literature, especially science fiction. It has taken him a long time to realise his life-long ambition to become a professional writer, although he has been writing and reviewing for magazines all over the world for twenty years, principally Acid Dragon magazine, published in Lyon. During that time, he has had the privilege of reviewing and interviewing many famous players in the music industry. Happily, the coalescence of his interest in music, sociology, history and writing has finally found its ultimate expression in Within You, Without You. Phil lives in rural Angus, Scotland, with his wife, Maureen, and his son, Benedict.

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