This image is the cover for the book Revolution Will Be Accessorized

Revolution Will Be Accessorized

Since it first went to press in 1996, BlackBook has established itself as an arbiter of style, and a forum for new and dynamic writing. The Revolution Will Be Accessorized gathers many of the magazine's strongest pieces, and the result is a star-studded collection that addresses the intersection of pop culture, the arts, politics, and fashion, with provocative contributions from many of today's best writers, including:

Augusten Burroughs on Christmas with his mother

Jonathan Ames on his boyhood sneaker fetish

Meghan Daum on L.A. bourgeois

Also included are pieces by Neal Pollack, Sam Lipsyte, Joan Didion, Naomi Klein, William T. Vollmann, DBC Pierre, Emma Forrest, and Douglas Coupland, among others. Raw, edgy, and always insightful, The Revolution Will Be Accessorized is a window on to what's happening outside the mainstream.

Aaron Hicklin, Jay McInerney

Aaron Hicklin joined BlackBook as editor-in-chief after five years with Gear magazine. The author of Boy Soldiers, he lives in Brooklyn, New York.