This image is the cover for the book Lost in Mexico: Journey into an Exotic Land

Lost in Mexico: Journey into an Exotic Land

A writer enters Mexico through El Paso/Juarez and travels three days to a West Coast destination. Within hours of his arrival, he realizes he has made a terrible mistake. Most of the next year is spent going up and down Mexico and Guatemala in search of the perfect location to write his book.

Lost in Mexico: Journey Into an Exotic Land is a rambling, wayward account into a magical country full of unexpected twists and turns. Equal parts travelogue/memoir/adventure tale, beautiful and harsh, humorous and heartbreaking, earthly and insightful, it is a perspective you are unlikely to get anywhere else. Get ready for a wild ride.

Leonard Jacobson

In 1979, Leonard Jacobson moved to Paris to become a writer. Over the next ten years, he lived in France, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia and wrote two books, including Lost in Mexico: Journey into an Exotic Land. He then moved to Seattle, Washington, and began a new life as a counselor, child therapist, and a twenty-year career as a high school wrestling coach. More recently, he spent five years living and working in church as a building manager and sexton/custodian. He currently lives in Vancouver, Washington, and works for Veterans Administration in Community Care.

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