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Amesbury, Images of Modern America

In 1968, Amesbury celebrated its 300th anniversary. Residents compiled a cookbook, commemorative coins were sold, dances and plays were held, and townspeople dressed in period costume as part of the many events for the town's tercentenary. Since then, Amesbury has grown considerably, with many new businesses--furniture makers, fine food products, Norman's Restaurant, and clothing shops--emerging. Old mills have been reinvented into spaces for artists, photographers, and other creative outlets. The downtown area has been redeveloped and is a welcoming site as one enters Amesbury. One only needs to sit in Market Square, stroll along the Riverwalk, watch the falls of the Powow River in the Millyard, or listen to a concert in the amphitheater to experience Amesbury's charm. Despite a 1996 vote changing the town into a city, this great community retains the same small-town feel it has held for so many years.

Margie Walker

Margie Walker is the author of Legendary Locals of Amesbury. She is the teen, reference, and local history librarian at the Amesbury Public Library. She lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts, with her husband, Joey, and their dogs.

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