This image is the cover for the book Sword God in the Alien World, Book 10

Sword God in the Alien World, Book 10

He was a generation of sword god, and no one in the universe was his opponent, but when he was dealing with a hard challenge, the previous enemies secretly attacked, which made him vulnerable at the time and died quickly. Because he originally had the immortal body, though his body died, his soul was reborn in an emperor's family. He retained the memories of previous lives. Because of he got the talent, he chose to continue cultivating. With amazing talent and hard training, his force reached an unprecedented level.He was determined to regain the glory of the previous life!☆About the Author☆Wei Ai Wen Qing, a well-known online novelist, he is good at writing fantasy novels, and his novels have been welcomed by readers because of his ups and downs plots and smooth writing.

Wei AiWenQing, Babel Novel