This image is the cover for the book An Element of Mystery

An Element of Mystery

An Element of Mystery combines complex human emotions along with ghosts and mysteries of Egypt that come together in one compilation of stories and poetry. An array of poems that delve into the mysteries of emotions – anger, depression, anxiety and loss – as well as what the stars can hold and the journey of a waterdrop, examining them in a unique style that will allow you to begin to understand some of the complex ideas around them. Allow yourself to be transported to the wonders of Egypt in The Pharaoh’s Curse. Feel the terror of awakening on a ship that you have no recollection of getting onboard in Pressganged into the Navy. Finally, follow Henry as he collects the clues that will guide him to his lost fortune in The Mystery of the Red Diamond. An Element of Mystery will help you question how you see the mysteries of Life.

Zoë Davis

Zoë Davis was born in Kingston-upon-Thames 1995. She has always enjoyed writing as a hobby and has undertaken a creative writing course in 2019, when she got a distinction. She currently works as a teaching assistant in a secondary school. At the weekends you will find her walking the family dog or just chilling at home with the family.

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