This image is the cover for the book Man vs Mind

Man vs Mind

A witty, thought-provoking look at the science of what we perceive, think, feel, and do.

Where do our thoughts come from? Do we all see the same blue? And how much is our eye really like a camera?

The scientific study of how the human mind operates has made great strides—yet still holds great mysteries to be investigated. From trying to decide whether or not we’re robots, to understanding why some people commit acts of violence, to figuring out the art of persuasion, this essential guide to the inner workings of our minds explores the questions we really want to know the answers to. Making the complex comprehensible, Daniel Richardson provides a new insight into how our minds work and the role they play in modern life. Whether it’s pondering over why you’re usually right about everything, or discovering color, Man vs Mind shows that you don’t need to be a psychologist to understand more about what’s going on up there.

Daniel Richardson

Aurum Press