This image is the cover for the book Heat Wave: Grosse Ile

Heat Wave: Grosse Ile

Who said you can't go home? When Peter promises his folks he’ll come back to Grosse Ile for his tenth high school reunion, he has second thoughts. Can he face his old bullies? He’s bigger and stronger now, true, but is his newfound confidence strong enough to overcome his old resentments?

Then Peter’s sister's boyfriend Ned turns out to be not as straight as he first seemed to be. Now Peter has a better reason to go back home -- to show off the new man in his life.

During a boat trip to Canadian waters, Peter rescues the pregnant wife of his high school nemesis at the same time his new love collapses with appendicitis. Can Peter surmount these crises and still make it to the reunion on time?

Emery C. Walters

Emery C. Walters was born Carol Forde, a name he soon knew didn’t fit the boy he was inside. Transition was unknown back then, so he married and then bore and raised four children. When his youngest child, his gay son, left home, Emery told Carol that she had to step aside, and he fully transitioned from female to male in 2001.