This image is the cover for the book Lorrie and I

Lorrie and I

“When Lorrie looked at me in a bath of blood, he quickly went to the laundry and took a big clean towel wet with hot water. He carefully wrapped me up. He then gently bathed me in it. I looked Lorrie in his eyes and felt comforted. Lorrie carried me to his office and placed a silky blanket over me to keep me warm. He put me in a paper box lined with a towel. I felt no pain! The journey to the vet took 15 minutes. Lorrie kept singing to me and touching my head and shoulder. It seemed a very long journey as he drove steadily along on the road.” Coco the feline knew his final hour is coming; it didn’t end his longing for the comfort and touches of his master!

David Che Kwok Wong

David Che Kwok Wong has a Master Degree of Education and a Master Degree of Development Management. He enjoys spending most of his time working among ordinary people. He loves listening and associating with people, a great privilege to be called their friend. He loves travelling and keeping his journal with him at all times.

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