This image is the cover for the book Super Great Fortune Teller, Volume 5

Super Great Fortune Teller, Volume 5

A little Taoist was forced to leave Taoist Temple. Fortunately, he found a cheat book and went into the city to start his own spiritual journey. At first,he got a lot of money from a boss of a big company to help him complete his practice more smoothly. Along his way of practicing, he was admired by both the gangsters and the bosses of companies. The young Taoist has since become a great master, and has ruled the city.☆About the Author☆Gu Fanyuanying, an outstanding online novelist. He has already written four works, of which "Super Great Fortune Teller" is still being updated. His works have attracted wide attention and welcomed because of their colorful plots and the characteristics.

Gu FanYuanYing, Babel Novel