This image is the cover for the book Haunted Talladega County, Haunted America

Haunted Talladega County, Haunted America

Talladega County is known for its auto racing and rich southern history. Stories of the strange and supernatural, however, are just as prevalent. Like the story of Gloria's bridge, where the spirit of a woman and her baby are said to appear when her name is called out. Or the ghost of a man and his dog wandering the forests of Cemetery Mountain. At Hill Elementary, the specter of a principal still patrols the grounds, watching over her students. Paranormal writers Kim Johnston and Shane Busby chronicle the strange, mysterious and ghastly past of Talladega County.

Kim Johnston, Shane Busby

Kim Johnston is the founder of Spirit Communications and Research (S.C.A.Re) and has been investigating paranormal phenomena since 2011.

Shane Busby was born and raised in Talladega County where he spent most of his summers working on his grandfather's farm in rural Alpine, Alabama. Today, Shane works fulltime as a software engineer and is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

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