This image is the cover for the book Iron Stallions, The Goff Family War Thrillers

Iron Stallions, The Goff Family War Thrillers

The final tale of a fighting family, in the greatest conflict of all time—World War II—from the author of Soldier of the Queen and Blunted Lance.

In the 1920s, Josh Goff runs away from school and enlists under another name in the ranks of what to his family was always simply known as The Regiment.

Soon enough, he finds himself on the front lines in the Second World War, from France to the Western Desert, from the D-Day beaches to Nazi Germany.

The time of cavalrymen has long since passed, but Josh finds himself thinking that the mindset still prevails. Though the weapons have changed, the men have not, and so he moves forward bravely, in his iron stallion.

The awe-inspiring finale to the Goff war trilogy, perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins, and Frederick Forsyth.

Max Hennessy

Max Hennessy was the pen-name of John Harris. He had a wide variety of jobs from sailor to cartoonist and became a highly inventive, versatile writer. In addition to crime fiction, Hennessy was a master of the war novel and drew heavily on his experiences in both the navy and air force, serving in the Second World War. His novels reflect the reality of war mixed with a heavy dose of conflict and adventure.

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