This image is the cover for the book #BubblesStruggles


Bubbles the Unicorn has always felt different to everyone else, but never really felt unwelcome before, thanks to other unicorns like Mommy and teacher. But what happens when they notice not everyone feels like Mommy? Should Bubbles do what others think they should, or should Bubbles worry about being true to themself?

What happens when what makes Bubbles happy doesn’t make others happy, too? Is it fair for other unicorns to decide who Bubbles is, even when that’s not how Bubbles feels? Luckily, there are adults that care as much about what’s right as they do Bubbles, and they stand up for what they believe in and give Bubbles a voice.

Rebecca Timberlake

Rebecca Timberlake lives in Louisville, Kentucky, hoarding stray animals and notebooks. She published her first novel, Independent Will, on her own while in her third year of college. Influenced heavily by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Colleen Hoover, she likes to ‘genre-explore,’ which is a fancy way of saying she writes in a variety of genres instead of sticking to one.