This image is the cover for the book Charred Remains #3, Charred Remains

Charred Remains #3, Charred Remains

Months have passed since the catastrophic fire at the homeless encampment. Most of the city has moved on while Amy continues to search for the truth about the Fire Man. Her chance arrives when multiple reports of fire around the city lead Amy and Vic to come face to face with those who tend his flame.

Anthony Cleveland, Andrea Mutti

Anthony Cleveland began writing comics after departing from his position as County Coroner Deputy to pursue self-publishing. Shortly after, he was selected in Mad Cave Studios’ talent search and went on to write the hit series Show’s End, Stargazer, and a short in Grimm Tales from the Cave, a horror anthology showcasing many of today’s top talents in the genre. Anthony lives in Indiana with his wife and three children.