This image is the cover for the book Toys in Trouble: The Zip Wire

Toys in Trouble: The Zip Wire

Florence and her parents are spending a few days at the adventure park. She has brought her three favourite soft toys with her: George, Tom and Teddy. The three friends are very excited about being here. However, during their stay, Teddy hopes George will stay out of mischief. Hopefully he can keep George and Tom in order. He thinks to himself, What can possibly happen? But no one reckoned the zip wire!

Marilyn Hodgkinson

Marilyn grew up in Wolverhampton. She lived and worked in the West Midlands until she moved to north Wales by the sea. Here she lives with her partner, Martin, and her chocolate Labrador, Ellie. Marilyn is a retired teacher and literacy consultant. She began writing the George, Tom and Teddy stories for her granddaughter, Florence. George, Tom and Teddy do sit at the bottom of Florenceā€™s bed.