This image is the cover for the book Peach Flowers Blossom In Spring, Volume 1

Peach Flowers Blossom In Spring, Volume 1

Chase down by the man in black? Rushing 5km! A man was robbed by his own sister? This old lady does not care! He was almost disgraced by the crown prince's scheme? It wouldn't be too late for a gentleman to exact vengeance in ten years! Traveling through this rotten thing … Difficult to catch!

"The victor is the king, the loser … "A lifetime of compensation." On top of the peach tree, he had a devilish face. His phoenix eyes were raised, bringing with it a sense of elegance. Her expression was cold and her eyes were as if she were looking at an idiot.

"Should I pinch you?"

"Sure, I'll let you pinch me later." The Celestial Immortal Cloud Road was a place to experience the four seasons.

"Shui Ling, there is no such reason in this world. Just because I like you!"

"Tang Yao, let go of me. The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains need you even more. We'll meet again in the next life."

"In the next life, I will fight with you for the rest of my life. I will live the rest of my life!"

When the fog gradually dissipated, who else could she be other than the water spirit? Who was the real chess piece meticulously designed by Lingxiao Palace?

"As you wish in this golden age."

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