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Refugee at Hanover Tavern

An account of life on the home front written by a Southern woman trying to survive the daily struggles of the Civil War.

The Hanover Tavern outside Richmond was a place of refuge during the Civil War. Life at the Tavern was not always safe as residents weathered frequent Union cavalry raids on nearby railroads, bridges, and farms. Margaret Copland Brown Wight and some of her family braved the war at the Tavern from 1862 until 1865 in the company of a small community of refugees. She kept a diary to document each hardship and every blessing—a day of rain after weeks of drought, news of her sons fighting in the Confederate armies, or word from her daughter caught behind enemy lines. Wight’s diary, discovered more than a century after the war, is a vital voice from a time of tumult. Join the Hanover Tavern Foundation as the diary is presented here for the first time.

Includes photos

The Hanover Tavern Foundation, Shirley A. Haas, Dale Paige Talley

Shirley A. Haas serves on the Hanover Tavern Foundation Education Committee and is a member of the Hanover County Historical Society. She has been awarded the Jefferson Davis award from the United Daughters of the Confederacy and spent a life in history education. She is a life-long resident of Richmond and continues to study history. Dale Talley is the author of Hanover County, Ashland and The Doswell Dynasty. All three books focus on Hanover County history. She is the curator and a member of the Board of Directors for both the Hanover Tavern Foundation and the Hanover Historical Society. Alphine W. Jefferson, PhD, who studied the Civil War with John Hope Franklin at the University of Chicago, is currently Professor of History and Director of Black Studies at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland. Robert E.L. Krick is author of Staff Officers in Gray: A Biographical Register of the Staff Officers in the Army of Northern Virginia. He is a recognized expert in Eastern Theater Civil War history.

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