This image is the cover for the book New Story of Lv Bu, Volume 4

New Story of Lv Bu, Volume 4

This was a book about human nature. Loyalty and betrayal, life and death were all reflected in this book. Every single moment, every single character was struggling with their own thoughts.

Their will had made this book a reality. The story of a small Golden Triangle warlord passing through the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty to become a famous general, Lu Bu, and struggling to survive in the stormy seas.

Every step he took was filled with fear, and he had to pay the price of blood. The complicated relations between the late Han Dynasty's valve families, the life on the market of the small people, the vast and magnificent natural scenery, and the vivid and lifelike characters of the three countries occupy a great deal of space in this book.

San ZangDaShi, Babel Novel