This image is the cover for the book Run, Rikki, Run

Run, Rikki, Run

This beautifully illustrated children’s book offers a touching story in verse about a young racehorse facing the challenges of growing up.

In Run, Rikki, Run, a young racehorse named Rikki faces the reality that his days of playing in the pasture are over. He must now enter the world of competitive racing where he will be judged by his performance. But what if he loses? In desperation, Rikki turns to his friends for advice, but their answers only make him more confused. Finally, Rikki discovers a solution to his fear from a very unlikely source.

Run, Rikki, Run is a timeless story about the exciting and frightening moments in life when change is inevitable. Everyone must grow up, and part of growing up is overcoming our fears in order to reach our full potential.

Margie Fisher, Janet Griffin-Scott

Margie Fisher, originally a resident of the small town of Colwyn, just outside of Philadelphia, now resides in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. For the past ten years, she has acted as the Cyber School Facilitator for the Bald Eagle Area School District. She is Vice President of a Therapeutic Riding Center Program in Centre County called Rising Hope. When her second daughter, Brooke, was born with Down syndrome, Margie found she had no choice but to share the greatest inspiration of her life despite her private nature.

Morgan James Publishing