This image is the cover for the book Murder & Malpractice, The Dr. Cathy Moreland Mysteries

Murder & Malpractice, The Dr. Cathy Moreland Mysteries

A doctor’s office is plagued with deaths from unnatural causes in this “fabulous start to a murder mystery series . . . well plotted story and great characters” (Peter Boon, author of Who Killed Miss Finch?).

Dr. Cathy Moreland has recently returned to work after battling mental health challenges, but her surgery in the British countryside is simmering, as usual, with tensions. One doctor struggles to keep up with the changes in the medical field; another, ambitious and aggressive, is romantically entangled with a nurse. The newest arrival, a pharmacist, seems very competent—but his behaviour is mysterious.

When one of the doctors dies after drinking a cup of coffee, the practice is thrown into a state of suspicion and chaos. Circumstances seem to point toward one partner—but Cathy intends to examine the evidence more closely . . .

Mairi Chong

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