This image is the cover for the book Z Plan: Homecoming, Z Plan Trilogy

Z Plan: Homecoming, Z Plan Trilogy

After surviving an odyssey through zombie hordes, an American soldier faces the ultimate trial as he returns home in this apocalyptic series finale.

Facing death and fighting the undead, Cale has made a seemingly impossible journey through the Iraqi desert and across dangerous oceans. All the while, he dreamed of reaching his home in America. Now, as that dream finally comes true, Cale discovers a nightmarish reality.

In the thrilling conclusion of the Z Plan Trilogy, Cale’s limits are put to the final test as he pushes his way through the undead. But something even more sinister follows his every move. In a world where the weak die and every glimmer of hope seems extinguished, Cale’s toughest challenge will be to overcome his inner demons.

Mikhail Lerma

Mikhail Lerma was raised in the small town of Holdrege, Nebraska. In the third grade he wrote his first short story, in which the main character was a monkey. Not taking his career as a writer too seriously after that, he finished his high school years by joining the army when he was only 17. He spent 10 years in the army, starting as a truck driver, and eventually becoming a combat medic. While deployed to Iraq in 2007 he spent missions in a turret as gunner. In his free time he began writing a story having nothing to do with monkeys. Only time will tell if this was a good career move. With encouragement from his friends and family he decided to start taking his writing seriously. Storytelling has become a passion of his, with a strong interest in horror and science fiction. He lives in Iowa with his wife and three daughters. He does not have a pet, but if anyone would like to donate a male dog to level out the hormones in his house, that would be much appreciated.