This image is the cover for the book Dirty Czech, Dirty Everyday Slang

Dirty Czech, Dirty Everyday Slang

Learn cool slang, funny insults and all the words they didn’t teach you in class with this comprehensive guide to dirty Czech.

You’ve taken Czech lessons and learned all kinds of useful phrases. You know how to order dinner, get directions, and ask for the bathroom. But what happens when it’s time to drop the textbook formality? To really know a language, you need to know it’s bad words, too. You need Dirty Czech.

From common slang and insulting curses to explicit sexual expressions, this volume teaches the kind of Japanese heard every day on the streets of the Czech Republic. Learn to sound like a native speaker with phrases like:

What’s up? — Co je?

I adore your small titties — Zboznuju tvoje kuzlatka.

I gotta take a leak. — Musim se vymocit.

Your team sucks ass! — Tvuj tym je na hovno!

Drop Dead you freak! — Chcipni, ty zrudo!

I’m faded. — Jsem namazenej.

Are you as horny as I am? — Jsi taky tak nadrzenej

Martin Blaha

Martin Blaha grew up in Prague where he earned his bachelor degree in tourism and hotel management at the College of Business Studies. He currently lives in San Francisco and enjoys exploring all the dirty pleasures that California has to offer.

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