This image is the cover for the book My Magical Mystery Tour

My Magical Mystery Tour

If you want to travel the world, On your weekend break from school, The only way is in my time machine, But you must follow my golden rules. You must giggle and have lots of fun, Bring some chocolate for the ride, Dress up in costumes along the way, Keep your ears and eyes open wide, As there are lots of things to do, The world has so much for you to see, So if you want to explore the planet, Come on a magical tour with me.

Kelly Hunter Horrocks

Kelly lives near the sea with her mischievous cat, Shelly. Kelly has always enjoyed writing poetry and is well known for penning a poem for her family and friend’s birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. In recent years Kelly has dreamed of becoming an author and has written numerous children’s verses for the pleasure of her nieces, nephews and godchildren. This is her first book and she hopes it will bring a smile to those who like to dream that anything is possible.