This image is the cover for the book Be the Deliveryman in Overall World, Volume 5

Be the Deliveryman in Overall World, Volume 5

What is the feeling of being able to shuttle through different worlds to deliver parcels?

Chu Feng, a down and out college student, was inadvertently bound to the express delivery system. From then on, he travelled to overall world to deliver express. In the world of movies, animes, novels and myths, Chu Feng is everywhere. He sent express to Li Bai, the ancient poetic genius, and Li Bai fraternized with him! Sending express to Spiderman, and beat Thanos by the way! Sending express to Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty, and become the emperor's teacher accidentally!

The most exciting thing is that as long as the express is successfully delivered to the recipient, Che Feng will be able to obtain a series of rewards such as skills, martial arts, treasures and so on. Swordsmanship, treasure evaluation techinique, medical skill, attribute bonus... Since then, Chu Feng has become the most powerful courier in the universe!

☆About the Author☆

Meng Zhong, fantasy novel writer, has written Amazing Enhancement System and Be the Deliveryman in Overall World. The novels of dream Meng Zhong Huan are full of creativity, which makes readers enjoy reading.

Meng Zhonghai, Babel Novel