This image is the cover for the book Peter


Peter is a special boy with an all-consuming passion for aviation, and it is his dream to fly as a career. We follow his journey from school and his exam results through starting work, and eventually obtaining a place as a pilot cadet with an international airline. We share the highs and lows of his training, of being away from his close family for the first time, and the efforts of his elder brother to thwart his chances.

Martyn Young

Martyn Young trained as a Registered Nurse, working in Operating Theatres for 15 years. Following his NHS career, and a short career in business, he trained as a Pilot, going on to qualify as a Commercial Pilot and Flying Instructor and Examiner. He now works part time and is looking forward to a fulfilling retirement. His interests include Fine Art Photography, he is a self-confessed petrolhead with an interest in anything with wheels, wings or an engine and travelling.

Austin Macauley Publishers